As one of Colorado’s top Roofing Contractors, you can expect that working with us will be hassle free.  Our customer service is unmatched and our attention to detail ensures that your investment is maximized.  As a valued customer, we assign a dedicated Account Manager who will be available to answer your questions 24-7.

We understand that any type of roofing project is a big ordeal and our top priority is making it seem like a breeze.

  • Quality Roofing Products – We only use the best products when re-roofing your property. We have partnerships with the top national roofing product suppliers who provide us with the most up to date products. We work closely with our roofing crews to make sure the job is done right and to the manufacturers exact specifications. Our local office has production management on staff to ensure our crews are doing quality work and that your questions and concerns are addressed immediately. We typically do not take deposits, so your satisfaction is guaranteed before you pay for the completed trade. On top of everything we give you our 2-year Workmanship Warranty and up to 50-year materials warranty depending on the products used on your project.
  • Experienced Team – We are dedicated to getting your roof and property back to pre-storm condition. Our staff has 50+ years of combined experience in insurance restoration. We are always here to answer questions. We want to change the way Coloradoans envision contractors. Construction is problem management, let us take care of the issues!
  • Efficiency is Our Priority – Our partnerships with our national suppliers ensure roofing materials needed for repairs are available even when supplies are limited, and we use the latest in technology to calculate materials accurately and quickly.
  • We can handle all your needs from the shed in the backyard to the entire HOA!

The Process

  • Your Project manager will explain the construction process.
  • We get materials delivered directly to your location.
  • Our production staff get required permits, schedule material delivery and crews, and is available to ensure issues are handled promptly. Your project manager will be in the area and will stop by occasionally to make sure the project is running efficiently and your requests are met.
  • After the project is complete we will inspect the work to ensure quality and satisfaction.
  • Upon completion of all trades, we will notify your insurance company to release any remaining funds. There are no out of pocket costs except deductible and requested upgrades. The insurance claim process will ensure the project is funded correctly to get your property back to its pre-storm condition.

Hail Damaged Roof

    • There are a variety of factors that impact a roof’s ability to protect against severe weather. The useful life of a roofing system can be influenced by its location, material used, weather patterns, installation process, design, and exposure.
    • Roofing Systems are comprised of many materials and add value and protection for your home. The common materials: sheathing/decking, flashing, underlayment, ice and water protective barriers, ridge vents, ridge shingles, and other venting.


    After finding hail damage on a roof, some home owners ask us whether it would make sense to hold off on repairs or replacement until they detect a leak. While we can understand the desire to put off what may seem like an unnecessary repair, experts agree hail damage is a necessary and critical repair. Consider the way in which a roof gets damaged. Don’t forget your limited time to get a claims filed as well!
  • Make sure you get a roof inspection asap after a storm event. Damage is not visible from the ground. A majority of the time a trained inspector will have the knowledge to pinpoint the issues and make calculated assessment of reparability or the need for replacement.
  • When a shingle gets hit by hail it forces the granules into the mating and breaks down the bond to the asphalt.
  • Most granules start to fall off of the damaged area, at this point the asphalt layer will be exposed to weather. The sun’s ultraviolet rays will weaken the exposed spots and make them brittle. Some will start to show themselves as bruises and possibly holes in the shingles. As the seasons pass and temperatures and weather patterns change the shingles expand and contract. This can cause curling and cracking after being weakened by hail. The exposed areas are then very susceptible to leaks.
  • Over time different characteristics will be visible to a trained inspector. Depending on the age, product exposed, angle of the roof (pitch), and the direction of the storm, the roof can be more susceptible to damage. Thus, an inspector can tell whether the damage is new or older.
  • Insurance claim periods vary. Typically, there is a set amount of time a home owner can make a claim after the damage occurs. This time period can expire whether you were aware of the damage or not. We have technology that helps us pinpoint the location, size, and severity of a storm. We then communicate this info to the insurance company and get a storm date or “date of loss”. Some “major” national insurance companies only allow six months to file and claim and get projects completed.
  • Once leaks occur, the damage can be extensive due to potential damage from mold, electrical issues, ceiling and wall damage from water and perhaps even personal property losses. The damage can also come very quickly and often is not initially detected until it is too late.

If you suspect you have hail or storm damage, have your roof professionally inspected. We offer free roofing inspections throughout Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Pueblo West and surrounding areas.


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