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People’s Choice Roofing is your preferred local contractor for roof repair and roof replacement in Denver, CO, Pueblo, CO, and surrounding areas. Our company has been servicing these areas for more than fifteen years, and takes pride in our commitment to each customer and his or her property. We demonstrate this commitment with our top-notch customer service, quality building materials, and skilled roofing contractors. Your next roof repair or roof replacement project is in good hands with People’s Choice Roofing!

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Regular Inspections are Important

Your home is likely your largest personal investment, and it is important to protect it from top to bottom. Problem areas on your roof will only get worse over time if left unattended, and will trickle down, causing problems in lower areas of the home. Leaks may become visible on ceilings, mold may begin growing between the walls, and if severely neglected, structural damage may become an issue. Even if you do not see any problems, it is important to keep your roof properly maintained in order to prevent damage from occurring. A free inspection from People’s Choice Roofing will reveal the current condition of your roof, its remaining life expectancy, and any potential problems that should be addressed.

Shingles damaged by hail in a recent storm in Denver.

Shingles damaged by hail in a recent storm in Denver.


We Handle Storm Damage

Our area has been the target of many severe wind and hail storms over the years. Damage done to your roof from these storms may not be something that you notice from the ground. Even regular maintenance does not guarantee that your roof will escape Mother Nature’s fury. If you suspect that there has been a potentially damaging storm in your area, it is best to have a reliable roofing contractor evaluate your roof. You can count on the experienced staff members at People’s Choice Roofing to quickly identify whether storm damage is present, and then advise you of your repair or replacement options.

Better Safe than Sorry

When it comes to choosing a contractor, property owners must be careful. There is no shortage of inexperienced people who claim to be roofing contractors. Storm chasing companies also frequent our area after bad weather. Do not be fooled! These here-today-gone-tomorrow type companies could possibly take your money and leave town before you ever suspect a problem. Six months from now, you may find yourself stuck with a leaking roof, major interior repairs, and no recourse against your contractor. Do not turn your home over to just anyone. Call People’s Choice Roofing, and deal with a local company you can trust.

Making the People’s Choice

People’s Choice Roofing has extensive experience locally in the roofing industry, including residential and commercial roofing projects. We have worked hard over the last fifteen years to build a trusted name in the community. We stand behind our materials, crews, and warranties. When you make the choice to use People’s Choice Roofing for your roof repair or replacement project, you are choosing excellence.

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